The future of the internet; goodbye to desktops.

I’m often asked where the internet will be in 5 years.

Ultimately, I believe the internet will become more integrated with our daily lives. Phones are already a natural extension of our hands, or at least never too far from them. 

But really, where do I see the internet? Here, I look to the giants of the industry: Google and Facebook. It seems they, like most, are going nuts over Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality so it makes sense to assume that whatever the internet turns into, it will be an immersive environment. 

As I watch with interest, I find myself drawing comparisons to the music industry. When looking at these new techs, such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, I see them developing in the following ways:

Virtual Reality – the CD of the internet. The biggest leap forward with some cool, practical benefits. It’ll be around for a long time but eventually fade. 

Augmented Reality – the MiniDisc. Super cool and a lot of fun, but the next leap will come before it really gets established (other than in the gamer world).

Mixed Reality – the MPEG 4. The tech that lays waste to the industry – not just changing the game but completely reinventing it. Add in a little AI and I really won’t need my phone as the internet will follow my voice instructions or maybe read my mind… 

Mixed Reality has the power to really bring the internet out into the world around us. The only thing holding it back, currently, is the pace of hardware and the impact natural light has on projected images – but hey, they are just minor details. 

So why is TAG The Agency spending on R&D in the space of Virtual Reality? Why invest in building Virtual Reality Apps and content? 

It’s simple, really. Although I can’t predict the future, I see the potential in these technologies right now and (if the past has taught me anything) if the giants are going in that direction, then we’ll watch, innovate and build solutions that deliver value to our clients and the industry, using the giants to leverage and create. 

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