The rise of the Influencer

I was having a chat with a UK based VC firm about the rise of influencers and their impact on the world of advertising. And it inspired this post on influencer marketing and what it actually means. It’s essentially a return to the core values of organic social marketing, the days of old when algorithms weren’t in control of who got to see what. But what really is influencer marketing and how is it successfully implemented into brand marketing?

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What is Blockchain?

Lately, I’ve been promoting The Blockchain NZ 2017 conference, but have received a few questions on what blockchain actually is. It’s a revolutionary and somewhat complex concept at first, but here’s how I understand it!

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AR, VR, MR…too far?

With this ever changing and evolving space of technology, how far is too far to be immersed in an experience?

I was asked this very question the other night at and it really got me thinking. My initial response is that this technology isn’t something that’s designed to replace reality, it’s virtual. We action the experience. Do we need to have the wind blowing in our faces as we “fly” through the air? Do we need to completely recreate this world, only to escape into one that is almost completely fictional?

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Outsource or in-house? What’s right for social media content production.

Content production for social media channels is made up of a variety of different inputs in its attempts to be engaging and relevant. What’s interesting about trying to keep content sustainable is the balance of strategic content vs original content, and whether this content is generated in-house or by an agency.

In a world where User Generated Content (UGC) is becoming more and more prevalent, we’ve seen that brands need to produce content that is authentic and original, and often this is strongest when it comes directly from the company themselves.

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The future of the internet; goodbye to desktops.

I’m often asked where the internet will be in 5 years.

Ultimately, I believe the internet will become more integrated with our daily lives. Phones are already a natural extension of our hands, or at least never too far from them. 

But really, where do I see the internet? Here, I look to the giants of the industry: Google and Facebook. It seems they, like most, are going nuts over Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality so it makes sense to assume that whatever the internet turns into, it will be an immersive environment. 

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Integrating traditional and social marketing

Product placement on TV shows isn’t a new concept, but combining it with social opens up new opportunities.Brand or product placement on TV can easily be supported by digital content that is disseminated through social at the very same time the audience is watching the TV show. After all, people are no longer watching the commercials but reaching for their smart devices during the ad break. In most cases, they are using both whilst watching the large screen in the living room (yes, by this I’m including people watching Netflix and other streaming options on the old TV).

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Collider opening event – Tom Reidy

Some of my thoughts on collaboration and innovation captured in an interview at the Collider Wellington opening in 2015.

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Innovation is the future


Recently I attended a conference where I was a keynote speaker on modern advertising. I was asked the question, “If you were a lecturer at a University, what would you be teaching to the future minds of advertising?”. I pondered this for a second, and replied with “Innovation. I’d teach the importance of innovation.” 

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Why your CEO should get social

If you fear your CEO is erring on the side of the dark ages, and you’re trying to introduce them to the benefits of social media, read on.

They may sit up and take notice when they realise that some of the most successful and dynamic CEOs from a variety of some of the globe’s most innovative organisations are avid and savvy users of social media.

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A little blast from the past! – Tweeting his way to success

A lot of success and an equal dose of failure… Looking back would I change a thing? Nope, not at all!

“A passion for communicating – or maybe just talking – drew Tom Reidy to social media.

He established Tweet4yourtee in 2009, a company that designs T-shirts with personalised Twitter names, and then Catalyst90, the “social media agency for agencies”.

Clients include the All Blacks, NZ Post, Massey University and Icebreaker.” – Read the full Stuff article here.


I’m only able to do what I do, because of the things that I’ve done, the lessons I’ve learned and the path I have taken. 😉

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