#NZSOMO 2017

A huge thanks to the team at Conferenz for asking me to speak on Social Media and VR/AR. I had a great time and was impressed with the wide variety of speakers. I particularly found it interesting the different views on brand personas verse brand stories. 

In this modern world of developed social media, I think it’s more about brands telling stories. Stories of their people, products, and services. Not so much about the brand adopting a persona, brands aren’t people, but people are behind them! Either way, it’s awesome to see the world of social media has matured and will continue to evolve and expand.

Following on from sharing my views and a few stories on VR/AR I had an absolute blast delivering a workshop on social media. Most likely it was the patience of the wonderful attendees, as I typically got over excited about innovation and geeked out on campaigns and creative. 

Workshops are not my normal thing, after this one, I think I’ve changed my mind.