Innovation is the future

Recently I attended a conference where I was a keynote speaker on modern advertising. I was asked the question, “If you were a lecturer at a University, what would you be teaching to the future minds of advertising?”. I pondered this for a second, and replied with “Innovation. I’d teach the importance of innovation.” 

This was met with a little confusion as being the CEO of a Social Media agency I should probably reply with ‘social media’. But the answer is no. If there is anything my career has taught me it’s that innovation is what we should be concentrating on in advertising world. Here at the agency we are an advertising agency that specialises in social media. As the advertising world evolves to whatever the next big thing is, the agency will also evolve, as at the core of our brand values we are really an advertising agency that specialises in innovation.

After all ‘Institutional thought is the enemy as it attacks the freedom of innovation!’

When I talk about innovation in advertising I am referring to the ability to be innovative with the message you are trying to put forward. Digital technology, platforms or media give you the opportunity to inspire your audience to do something with that message.

I’ve mentioned in an older blog that, “content is king, context is queen, and distribution is boss. But inspiration is the trump card that lays them all out.” To this I’d like to add that innovation is where you find those points of inspiration that takes your message to a new level, creating true resonance with your audience.

So don’t just think of advertising in a traditional way, think, as thats how innovation starts.