#NZSOMO 2017

A huge thanks to the team at Conferenz for asking me to speak on Social Media and VR/AR. I had a great time and was impressed with the wide variety of speakers. I particularly found it interesting the different views on brand personas verse brand stories. 

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GOVIS 2017 – Responsive Government – Drone Panel

I had the honor of speaking on the Drone panel at GOVIS, was a great way to end an excellent event!

“Conference Finale” – Game of Drones We are promising a great wrap up to the conference! Our wonderful panel of external speakers will take us on a journey to strange new worlds, exploring the appropriate and other uses of Drones. Where could this go? We won’t know but we do know it will fly! 


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Imagination meets experience: Immersive VR/AR

I had a great time presenting with some of the best in the industry on VR and AR.

“OMG! WOW! are normal reactions when one first experiences Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality. Some call it an optical illusion, while others call it the Fourth Revolution. A whole new way to consume content, VR/AR is tipped to be a $162 billion industry by 2020.”

Thanks for having me SMCALK see more here.

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