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Innovative thinking and cultivating the freedom of a brand to adapt and move with the fast-paced, ever-changing world of modern marketing and advertising, is fundamental to how I operate.

No longer can we rely on interrupting consumers with advertising and marketing messages! Now, it is about inspiring them to act upon stories told through digital channels and social media networks. But…Brands aren’t people, so it’s not about content, but story-telling that connect authentically to consumers.

This site is simply a hub of my social media channels and a little more about me.

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My Companies

TAG The Agency specialises in digital storytelling for brands – TAG The Agency

Magnify is a consultancy that specialises in Augmented and Virtual Reality marketing and events – Magnify World

SMNZ – insight, news and trends helping to make the most of social media and its related technologies – Social Media NZ

Institutional thought attacks

the freedom of innovation.

Just because that’s the way you’ve done things doesn’t mean change is not needed, institutional thinking can erode the ability to move fast, change and adapt. Don’t become an institution. Innovate, fail, succeed and always learn!

Brands I’ve worked with

Over the past 15 years plus, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most adventurous brands in New Zealand! Here are a few:

Brands Tom Reidy


The following is an example of some of the work I have produced with these brands at TAG The Agency.

Every great warrior has battle scars.

Great warriors survive the battle because they learn from their scars, their failure. The greatest of warriors have the most battle scars, the difference is they get up and fight again, they learn, and then they ultimately win! In business it’s much the same, failure and scars are opportunities to learn, improve and become better at our craft.

Sometimes serious, but not often.

When I’m not experimenting with digital technology and social media, I’m getting up to trouble with one or all of my four kids and wonderful wife.

These beautiful people are my inspiration and why I do what I do. Never too serious to stop and play! 

It’s always about the adventure!

Life is an adventure, an experiment. We have the opportunity to do great things if we have the tenacity to try! Plus adventures always make for the best stories! Succeed or not, it’s always about the adventure!


The challenge is…?

How we overcome, solve and improve on the next adventure, issue or obstacle.


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